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EMS Documentary Group Teams Up with IAEP

The production team behind “Honorable But Broken: EMS in Crisis,” a documentary that aims to highlight the need for EMS to be designated as an essential service, has partnered with the International Association of EMTs and Paramedics (IAEP) to promote their film.

“It’s critical that we as advocates recognize the state of EMS across the country and partner wherever possible to educate the public and promote advancement for the industry,” said Phil Petit, the IAEP National Director. “Helping promote the message behind this excellent documentary only helps further our work at the table and with politicians across the country for our members.”

“Honorable But Broken: EMS in Crisis,” which is currently in post-production, will explore the complex history of EMS, including the invaluable services it provides, “inherent problems with the current fractured system,” and “solutions some states are implementing to formally embrace and fund the third arm of our 911 emergency service,” said its fundraising page.

“All we’re doing with essential services is saying that this is a critical piece of public safety, much like fire and police,” said Bruce Evans, President of the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians, in a promo reel for the documentary. “We want a bill to be able to make sure that this essential service gets funded appropriately and can deliver this service that the public expects.”

Rich Diefenbach, who has produced for CBS News, and Bryony Gilbey, who has produced for ABC News, were inspired to make the film after their personal and learned experiences of the hardships EMS workers face in their industry. Gilbey is the mother of 3 EMS professionals.

Gilbey and Diefenbach have set up a page for donations to support the production and release of the film, as well as “community outreach to support Emergency Medical Services.” Their fundraising goal is $200,000; at the time of publication of this article, they have raised over $12,500.

Gilbey and Diefenbach are encouraging members of the public who are interested in helping make EMS essential to visit their film’s social media pages to learn how they can donate to the group and take steps to support their advocacy mission.

The promo reel for the documentary can be viewed below.

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