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WATCH: MEMSE Cofounder Speaks at NYSAC Legislative Conference

Alanna Badgley, MEMSE Cofounder, speaks at the NYSAC press conference.
Alanna Badgley, MEMSE Cofounder, speaks at the NYSAC legislative conference.

MEMSE Cofounder Alanna Badgley spoke at the New York State Assembly of Counties (NYSAC) Legislative Conference in March, highlighting the EMS crisis in the state and calling for leaders to support NYSAC's 'Rescue EMS' package of reforms.

The package, comprised of six EMS-centric bills, aims to provide local governments with the authority to create and fund countywide EMS services, provide financial incentives for EMS workers to enter and stay in the field, and update Medicaid reimbursement rates to reflect current needs and costs.

"Fate and local budgets should not dictate whether or not a life is saved," said Badgley in her speech. "When we say 'make EMS essential,' what we mean is, 'live up to the promise that an ambulance will arrive when someone calls 911.'"

You can view Badgley's full speech below.

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